There are many types of addictions, including: alcohol, drugs, gambling, shopping, sex and overuse of the internet. If you are finding that your addictions are taking over your life call us for help.

Symptoms of Addiction

  • Using the addiction to cope with daily life: Coping with emotional, physical or social challenges by consuming a substance or engaging in a behaviour.
  • Relationship problems: Arguments with loved ones or losing friends.
  • Dependency: Consuming a substance, or engaging in a behaviour not because you want to but because you feel like you need to.
  • Defensiveness and lying: Lying to your loved ones about when or how much you’ve consumed a substance or engaged in a behaviour.
  • Shame: Feeling shame about your addiction.
  • Tolerance: Not being able to function well without consuming a substance, or engaging in a behaviour.
  • Spending increased time on the addiction: The substance or behaviour can take over your life if you spend more time consuming the substance or engaging in the behaviour than spending time with your family and friends, or doing things you love.

How we help

The first step to recovery from an addiction is realising and accepting that you either have an addiction or are at risk of developing an addiction.

By contacting us you can take that first step towards recovery from your addictions.

Together in a confidential session you can freely discuss your addiction, how you feel and how it is impacting your life.

In these sessions we will develop strategies that are catered to your life to find alternative ways to cope with life and challenges you face.