Family Counselling

Experiencing issues with your family or family members? Want to build strong, lasting bonds with those you love. Call us now for the solutions.

Causes of Family Issues

  • The death of a family member or close friend – your whole family may deal with grief in differing ways.
  • Substance abuse – if someone in your family is abusing substances their behaviour may disrupt cohesion within your family and place your family in situations that impact their wellbeing.
  • Physical or emotional abuse toward another family member – if family members are abusive this needs to stop as it impacts this entire family unit.
  • Financial stress, debt or a loss of a job – financial issues can create a change in lifestyle for the family.
  • Clashing personalities – family members may hold differing opinions, this can prevent family members from fostering meaningful relationships with one another.
  • Divorce or separation – divorce and separation can be difficult for all members of your family including children.

How we help

Family counselling involves family members talking together or alone with a counsellor. These sessions allow family members to:

  • Understand each other’s grievances, perspectives and expectations
  • Respect each other’s opinions and views
  • Negotiate strategies that all family members are comfortable with to fulfil relationship needs
  • Family members taking responsibility for their action

If you want to improve the relationships and interactions you have with family members, family counselling can help you to do this.