Gambling Addiction

Gambling becomes an addiction if the behaviour gets out of control. Gain control of your gambling issues by calling us now.

Symptoms of Gambling Addiction

  • Lying to about the extent of how much gambling is being undertaken
  • Missing out life due to gambling
  • Arguing with loved ones about gambling
  • Falling into debt
  • Trying to win back losses
  • Not realising or spending more money and time on gambling than intended

Impact of Gambling Addiction

  • Relationship problems: Arguing, disagreeing with loved ones particularly about gambling and financial problems impact relationships. Gambling addiction can also cause a loss of connection with friends or family.
  • Health issues: The stress caused from a gambling addiction can cause health issues such as panic attacks, anxiety or depression.
  • Problems at work: People with a gambling addiction will often have problems concentrating at work due to thinking about gambling or worrying about financial losses. It is possible for people with a gambling addiction to lose their job due to this, or because of being constantly absent.

How we help

By speaking with our professionally accredited counsellors in confidence, you can work towards overcoming your gambling addiction or help someone in your life recognise they have a problem, and work towards taking the steps towards recovery from this addiction.

In these sessions we will develop strategies that are catered to your life to find alternative ways to cope with life and challenges you face.