Relationship Counselling

If you are feeling alone, stressed, unhappy or have experience betrayal due to the actions of your partner we can help. Call us now to engage in relationship counselling.

Causes of Relationship Problems

  • Partners being highly critical: If one or both partners in a relationship are constantly criticising each other, a hostile atmosphere can be created.
  • Lack/absence of affection and intimacy:  A lack of caring words or physical affection can develop an isolating environment.
  • Withdrawal from relationship: You may find yourself withdrawing from your relationship so you can avoid conflict or judgement.
  • Not accepting responsibility: You or your partner may either play the victim or constantly be defensive in arguments.
  • Physical conflict: Examples of physical abuse include grabbing you with force, hitting or kicking you, or pushing or dragging you.
  • Sexual abuse: No one, not even your partner has the right to touch you in a way you have not consented to, or do not want.

How we help

  • Learn to effectively communicate with your partner – Often miscommunication is the cause for problems in relationships. Engaging in relationship counselling can allow you to communicate your expectations and issues with your partner.
  • Increase intimacy and connectedness: There are many forms of intimacy – emotional, verbal and physical connectedness. We can help you to and your partner to uncover how to make the most of your relationship, leading to a loving and nurturing relationship that benefits you both.
  • Take responsibility: It’s important in a functional relationship for both partners to take responsibility for their actions. A partner constantly pushing blame onto the other creates an unhealthy, hostile atmosphere. Through counselling we provide a safe space for you and your partner to share your grievances and take responsibility, so it benefits you both.